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Loldle answer today ‎👉 All Solutions

Do you need help solving today’s LoLdle questions? We’ve got the answers for Classic, Quote, Ability, Emoji, and Splash Art!

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DateLoldle Classic AnswerLoldle Hero Ability Icon answerLoldle Splash Art answerLoldle Quote answerEmoji answer
28th February 2023Tahm KenchJinxMordekaiserEvelynn
27th February 2023Tahm KenchFioraVex❝We all shine on – like a diamond.❞ – Lux
26th February 2023ShenXayahPike❝Chop chop!❞ – Olaf
25th January 2023LuxOrnnPyke❝Sure as the tides.❞ –  Nami
24th February 2023HeimerdingerPantheonTalon❝Beware the depths.❞ –  Nautilus
23rd February 2023GnarSivirViego❝I’m the rose that survived the desert.❞ –  Samira
22nd February 2023Lee SinJaxVeigar❝I make cold look… hot.❞ –  Lissandra 
21st February 2023ShacoVayneSylas❝My dance has 42 forms. They’ll only see one.❞ – Irelia
20th February 2023SionUrgotDr. Mundo❝My theater is the mind.❞ –  Jhin
19th February 2023DravenKledAkshanSkarner
18th February 2023TryndamereKledPantheon ❝Beware ravens? The words of a fool who knew nothing of demons.❞ – Swain
17th February 2023NilahLeonaDarius❝The world is a desert. I am the oasis.❞ – Azir
16th February 2023TaricRek’SaiGraves❝I thought you’d never pick me.❞ –  Amumu
15th February 2023Kai’SaNunu & WillumpLilliaPantheonSona
14th February 2023VladimirKai’SaSwainSylasNami
13rd February 2023MaokaiThreshTahm KenchAhriLux
12nd February 2023ZedGangplankIllaoi❝Follow the wind, but watch your back.❞ – Yasuo
11st February 2023SonaNamiTryndamereQiyanaYuumi
10th February 2023ZoeVeigarOriannaShyvanaShen
9th February 2023SorakaKog’MawKindredVexFizz
8th February 2023TristanaViktorAzir❝Here’s a tip, and a spear behind it!❞ –  Xin Zhao
7th February 2023XayahShenBel’Veth AkaliNautilus
6th February 2023Twisted FateSylasHecarimCorkiAzir
5th February 2023VolibearBrandRek’SaiK’SanteZoe
4th February 2023Jarvan IVVarusSoraka ❝One jump ahead of you.❞ – Fizz
3rd February 2023GragasKennenIvernZiggsLulu
2nd February 2023Renata GlascLuxTeemoMorganaNidalee
1st February 2023

Attention! If somehow you found any answer wrong. Let us know in the comment section.


Lolde archive (november 2022)

DateLoldle Classic AnswerLoldle Hero Ability Icon�?answerLoldle Splash Art answerLoldle Quote answer
30th November 2022ViktorAnnieJarvan IV❝I am the snow, wind, and ice.❞ –�?Anivia
29th November 2022Kha’ZixBel’VethViktor❝Short on sparks.❞ –�?�?Zeri
28th November 2022KarmaKatarinaMorgana❝Fly swiftly… kill swiftly.❞ –�?�?Shen
27th November 2022ThreshKarthusMalphite❝Fly swiftly… kill swiftly.❞ –�?�?Quinn
26th November 2022JayceDianaBraum❝The scent of prey.❞ –�?Bel’Veth
25th November 2022NasusZyraRenekton❝The scent of prey.❞ –�?Rengar
24th November 2022SingedKindredEkko❝Oohoohoo, Singed! You smell nice!❞ –�?Twitch
23rd November 2022AmumuLissandraLeona❝There is wisdom in war.❞ –�?Karma
22nd November 2022AmumuNidaleeNocturne❝Purge with silver.❞ –�?Vayne
21st November 2022Dr. MundoTalonRengar❝I am the very definition of a self-made man.❞ –�?Urgot
20th November 2022OlafQuinnPoppy❝Your legacy shall drift away; blown into eternity, like the sands of the desert.❞ –�?Nasus
19th November 2022OIafZedTaliyah❝A draining exercise.❞ –�?Vladimir
18th November 2022LeBlancZileanLucian❝A sword mirrors its owner.❞ –�?Riven
17th November 2022AsheSwainIrelia�?❝The glory of Demacia will never fade.❞ –�?Garen
16th November 2022BrandDr. MundoIrealia❝If you’re buying, I’m in!❞ –�?Gragas
15th November 2022TalonAmumuShaco❝I’ll scout ahead!❞ – Teemo
14th November 2022CamilleRengarGaren❝Ladybugs should really befriend inchworms.❞ –�?Ivern
13th November 2022ViegoGarenKayle❝Care for a spot of tea? Or maybe a spot of punch in the face.❞ – Vi
12th November 2022ViegoPoppyCassiopeia❝Mix, mix, swirl, mix.❞ – Singed
11th November 2022MalphiteViegoSion❝Embrace progress.❞ –�?Leona
10th November 2022AnnieViSylas❝Embrace progress.❞ –�?Viktor
9th November 2022GangplankZoeVex❝For my next trick, I’ll make you disappear!❞ –�?Shaco
8th November 2022SejuaniShacoTalon❝I am beyond death.❞ – Lissandra
7th November 2022TaliyahIvernLissandra❝I am beyond death.❞ –�?Hecarim
6th November 2022Shyvana
5th November 2022Bel’VethLuluLeBlanc❝The smell of powder sets my blood to boil.❞ –�?Gangplank
4th November 2022SylasRyzeApheliosPantheon
3rd November 2022TaricSivirZilean❝Ah, the tangled webs we weave.❞ –�?Elise
2nd November 2022ZiggsFizzAshe❝You must be coded as a minion.❞ –�?Camille
1st November 2022RenektonKaynDarius❝I’m the rose that survived the desert.❞ –�?Samira

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