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Heardle decades 🎵 All Music Wordle Games

What are is Heardle decades? Heardle decades are a lot wordle music games recopilation that you can play heardle here. We are going to explain all wordle music alternatives also called and based in heardle decades, how to download them and why play online heardle versions. In these games like heardle you need to guess a song or something in a day´s challenge.


Heardle Decades

Your daily music game like wordle playable by decade. Heardle 80s Back Catalogue. Want to know what songs were featured on Heardle 80s?. Select your favorite heardle decade and listen and guess the mystery daily song.

Choose your Decade or Heardle to play free here:

How to play Heardle Decades?

Heardle Decades is a spin-off of the viral song-guessing game heardle. The meteoric rise of Wordle and its clones, such as Heardle, has altered how netizens perceive browser-based games.

In all Heardle Decades requires players to guess songs or artists from the 60s, 70s, 80s, or 90s or personalized to an famous singer songs as swiftle, or drake heardle. The game boasts an incredible list of songs and artists. You can also find specific challenges based on the decade, artist, or genre. 

Rules Heardle Decades

  • Listen to the clip and guess the song in 6 tries.
  • The clip can be from any random part of the song.
  • It is initially of one second but after each guess, 1 more second of the clip is unlocked.
  • Hit the play button to play the clip every time.
  • After a wrong guess, 1 more second of the clip is unlocked and is available to play.
  • After listening to 2 seconds of unlocked clip, the correct answer is guessed.

After you succeed in guessing the song, you have the option to share your scores with your friends on social media. The result is then shared in the shape of little coloured boxes, along with a link to the game’s website.

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