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submarine cable companies


There are a lot of submarine cable companies in the world, here you will find a submarine cable map with submarine cable landing stations and all companies related to undersea cables for internet.

submarine cable companies
Sea cables map

You can check a list of international submarine communications cables. All the cable systems listed have landing points in some countries. We listed location, when submarine cable fiber optic was ready for service, cable length and owners (submarine cable companies), several older cables, although no longer used for international telecommunications, are used for scientific purposes or are simply abandoned.

undersea internet cable vs submarine cable companies

There are more than 436 submarine cables fiber optic across the world, or what would be the same, 1.3 million kilometers of cables spread throughout the world. according to data from TeleGeography. Here you will find all name´s submarine cables and a list and information about undersea cables for internet:


World3dmap provides an Interactive Submarine Cable Map of Fiber-Optic Submarine Cable Systems Around the World.

oldest submarine cable still in use

First submarine cable in the world was laid in the English Channel in 1851. In 1866 the transatlantic submarine cable was completed and the submarine cable networks gradually expanded around the world. This cable was made of a 5mm copper wire ‘core’ wrapped in a protective casing of tar.

It had lain there disused for 137 years. The company that laid it no longer exists and it is the sole property of the salvager. The route cable ran between Valencia Island on the west coast of Ireland to Heart’s Content in Newfoundland.

Sea cables map 🗺️

If you want to see an Interactive 3D submarine cable map, here you have an INCREIBLE 3D wire map world. An Incredible updated map of the world’s major submarine cable systems and landing stations.

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