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List of Volcanoes in the Canary Islands


If you want to know how much magma was expelled in each volcano in the Canary Islands, in the list of Volcanoes in the Canary Islands in the following graph you can see the amount of cubic meters of magma that each volcano expelled and the duration of each one of them.

List of Volcanoes in the Canary Islands
Cubic meters of magma expelled by each volcano

The volcano in Cumbre Vieja is placed in third position behind Tagoro on the island of El Hierro in 2011 and for the most famous in terms of duration and expelled cubic meters that was the Timanfaya in Lanzarote.

The historical eruptions of the Canary Islands

The following table lists ALL the eruptions that have been recorded in the Canary Islands between 1470 and 2011, which was the last before the recent eruption of the Volcán en Cumbre Vieja on La Palma.

Between 1470 & 1492La PalmaTacante o Montaña Quemada
1492Tenerife¿Ladera SO. de Pico Viejo?
1585La PalmaErupción del Tahuya (Roques de Jedey)
1646La PalmaVolcán de Tagalate o Martín
1677-78La PalmaVolcán de San Antonio
1704-05TenerifeVolcán de Siete Fuente, Fasnia y Arafo
1706TenerifeVolcán de Garachico o de Arenas Negras
1712La PalmaErupción de El Charco (Montaña Lajiones)
1730-36LanzaroteErupción del Timanfaya
1793El HierroVolcán de Lomo Negro (NO. del Golfo)
1798TenerifeVolcán de Pico Viejo o Chahorra (Narices del Teide)
1824LanzaroteVolcanes de Tao, Nuevo del Fuego y Tinguatón
1909TenerifeVolcán Chinyero
1949La PalmaVolcanes Hoyo Negro, Duraznero, Llano del Banco
1971La PalmaVolcán de Teneguía
2011El HierroErupción freatomagmática, sur de La Restinga
2021La Palma* Cumbre Vieja or Tajogaite
Source: AA.VV. Los Volcanes de Canarias, Geological Guide and Itineraries, Rueda, Madrid, 2002. And Ministry of Public Works, National Geographic Institute

* The volcano that has been erupting since last September 19 still has no official name. Although since the emission of lava began, the media have called it Cumbre Vieja, because that is the name of the area in which it exploded. It is not clear how the official name is established or what is the body that regulates it, what is certain is that it will not be a quick process. Tajogaite may be another name for this volcano.

What is known with certainty is that the name that will go down in history will take a long time to arrive. The underwater volcano of El Hierro, whose eruption began in October 2011 and lasted about six months, took five years to be baptized as Tagoro, in May 2016.

What name will be the volcano of the La Palma 2021 eruption?

The rule indicates that the name of the volcano in question is decided based on the aboriginal toponymy of the place that erupts or attending to the holiday of the day in which the magma rises to the surface.

On La Palma there are several examples that go along this line with the Tacande Volcano (1470/1492), Tajuya (1585), Tigalate (1646), San Antonio (1677/1678), El Charco (1712) San Juan (1949) –Which is the result of the joint eruptions of Hoyo Negro, Duraznero and Llano del Banco and Teneguía (1971).

The name that sounds the loudest for the La Palma volcano is Tajogaite. Although the media call it the Cumbre Vieja volcano. The Canary Islands Volcanological Institute (Involcan) has proposed Tajogaite as the name for the volcano but insists that the island’s inhabitants have the last word.

List of Volcanoes in the Canary Islands How many are there?

In the Canary Islands there are 33 volcanoes of which are distributed on each island as follows:

  • 6 volcanoes in Fuerteventura.
  • 10 in Gran Canaria.
  • 11 in Tenerife.
  • 1 in La Gomera.
  • 10 La Palma.
  • 5 in Lanzarote.
  • 1 in El Hierro.

Types of lava flows Volcan La Palma

In the La Palma volcano there are 2 types of lava that are being seen and they are the type Colada Aa and Colada Pahoehoe. In other articles we have explained ALL the types of lava that exist and of what they are characterized, enter our article for more information about the types of lava flows.

La Palma volcano lava flow map

Interactive volcanic lava map with Application to see the lava flow from the La Palma volcano. Interactive Map of the Eruption on the island of La Palma (Canary Islands) created by the National Geographic Institute of Spain can also be seen on this page with an Interactive Lava flow Map from Canary Islands.

F.A.Q. La Palma Volcano

Last minute Cumbre Vieja Volcano (Spain, Canary Islands)

If you want to be informed of everything that is happening in La Palma and its volcano, at we prepare a daily report of everything that happens at the Cumbre Vieja volcano.

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