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La Palma Volcano Evolution [December 2021] Canary Islands


The Cumbre Vieja volcano on La Palma (Canary Islands) continues to expel lava and in terms of the La Palma Volcano Evolution there have been many changes before and after the eruption. Volcanologists do not know how long it will last and the lava flows have destroyed thousands of houses, roads and dozens of hectares of banana plantations.

The economic losses caused by this volcanic eruption are counted in the millions of euros and the economic consequences for the island are unpredictable in the short term due to its implications for tourism and agriculture.

Start of seismic activity on La Palma

In the following article we have contacted Pedro Suárez @x_y_es, who is a programmer who, due to his work on social networks with 3D and 2D representations, to present the last hour regarding the La Palma volcano has called us a lot of attention for his fantastic work and we want to share it with all our readers.

The seismic activity has not stopped since July 19, 2021 according to data from the National Geographic Institute and every day we have a new report with ALL the tremors in the area. In the following video you can see the seismic activity in a spectacular recreation that makes us imagine what is happening on the island on a day-to-day basis.

The historical eruptions of the Canary Islands

In the Canary Islands between 1470 and 2011 there are records of eruptions. In 2011 it was the last before the recent evolution of the La Palma Volcano in Cumbre Vieja.

Before and after on the La Palma Volcano Evolution

The images that Pedro Suárez captures in these maps clearly show how the lava flow has evolved in these days on the slopes of Cumbre Vieja. The before and after the eruption leave an incredible lava river as seen in the images.

Evolución del Volcán La Palma

After so many days of eruption on La Palma, you can see the different paths that the various lava flows in the area have taken. Besides, the SEISMICITY La Palma last days, It is growing and there are more and more tremors on the Isla Bonita.

Below you can see the Image of the lava flow 75 days later and how the affected area has been on La Palma.

In the following video you can clearly see the evolution of the various lava flows from day to day until November 18, In this video you can clearly see the evolution that the various lava flows have had day by day. You can see the extent of the lava flow and how many destroyed buildings detected according to the latest data provided by Copernicus, in our LAST minute News from Volcanoes in Spain.

Isla de la Palma in 3D – 6 Lava flows together

In this Incredible 3D map of the island of La Palma, Pedro Suárez shows us the entire island and the last 6 lava flows seen together that took place on October 6-11, 2021.

La Palma Volcano Evolution – Seismicity

The evolution of seismicity from July 18, 2021 to October 15, 2021, there have been 2,625 events and of them the maximum magnitude was 4.5 on October 14, 2021 at 01:27 hours. In this video you can see in a very illustrative way the eruptions produced during a certain period of time.

Thanks to the fantastic work done by Pedro Suárez. We encourage you to follow his work on social networks and if you liked the article share it!


La Palma volcano lava flow map

Various Interactive Maps of the volcanic lava have been designed in the Isla Bonita Volcano in the Canary Islands and with the Application to see the lava flow of the La Palma volcano, you will be able to see in detail the names of the flows that currently exist in the La Palma volcano.

LIVE CAMS Canary Islands Volcano

Are you looking for how to see the volcano eruption live in the Canary Islands? (Spain). Here you can see a LIVE Cam from La Palma Volcano with the live signal of the eruption. All about Volcano eruption on La Palma updated daily in World3dMap.

News related to the volcano in Spain

If you want to be informed of everything that is happening on La Palma and its volcano, at World3dMap publish every day the most relevant of what is happening at the La Palma volcano.

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