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Volcano Lava Flow Types 🌋La Palma


Do you want to know how many Volcano Lava Flow Types exist? Normally the flows descend along the slope of the slope that starts from the cone of the volcano and now we want to explain the types of lava flow from La Palma volcano.

Tipos de colada de lava
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Types of lava flows

As a general rule, experts distinguish between four types of lava flows that are detailed below:

Block casting:

Block castings are produced by acid-type lavas, with silica, which makes them very thick. These casts advance very slowly on the surface due to their density and when they solidify, they acquire an irregular block shape.

Aa Lava flow:

The Aa lava flows are formed by very fluid basaltic lavas, capable of moving across the surface at high speed, between 5 and 50 kilometers per hour. When solidifying they crack and deform.

Pahoehoe Lava flow:

This Volcano Lava Flow Types, also formed by basaltic lavas, takes on the shape of a gut. It has a wavy shape when it solidifies due to the fluid movement of the lava under a crust that coagulates.

Pad lava flow:

Pad lava flows are formed when lava solidifies in an underwater environment. When magmatic liquid comes into contact with water, there is a large temperature difference that causes its surface to solidify rapidly. When completely solidified, these castings have hemispherical shapes, and very varied dimensions.

Volcano Lava Flow Types in La Palma

Victorio Perez from the program one hour less at RTVC explains, through a new virtual reality, the two types of lava that have emerged from the La Palma volcano.

In this case, in the La Palma volcano, the 2 types of lava that are being seen are the Colada Aa and Colada Pahoehoe types.

The lava has destroyed 981 buildings and more than 27 kilometers of roads. The latest update of the Copernicus system reflects that the flow covers more than 700 hectares and there are another 4,000 with possible damage from volcanic ash. Below you can see the video of a drone at 10:30 on October 2 after the opening of a new broadcast focus in the fracture published by INVOLCAN on Twitter.

Scientists foresee that the new lava flow on La Palma will join the main one and reassure about the air quality.

Volcanoes in the world

There are currently 1,500 potentially active volcanoes and 600 have erupted in recorded history, of which 50 to 70 are active in a year.

La Palma Volcano Today LIVE

LIVE the Cumbre Vieja volcano on La Palma offered by RTVE’s YouTube channel.

In this post you can use this map where the information about the lava route is updated, although it is not official it is updated by the OpenStreetMap community and they are working hard to offer us the most current data that can be seen right now.

The “Sucre” VRSS-2 satellite of the Bolivarian Agency for Space Activities (@abae_ve) took this image of the La Palma volcano on September 30.

Volcano Lava Flow Types

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If you want to be informed of the LATEST news regarding the eruption of the volcano on La Palma and see the volcano LIVE, access our news section.

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