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Volcanic activity 2021 La Palma Volcano

The eruption of Cumbre Vieja (La Palma Volcano) continues and experts predict that the end “may be close“, The 2021 volcanic activity continues. Experts warn of possible collapses due to the great thicknesses of existing lava.

Although seismicity is increasing in terms of number of episodes and magnitude, earthquakes remain at average depths of ten or more kilometers, which does not suggest new eruptive centers.

New eruptive vent volcano la palma

This is how fast the lava from the new eruptive mouth advances on November 25, 2021.

The advance of the new lava flow emerging from the new fissure at 5:15 p.m. Canary Island time from Las Manchas and moving at 600 meters/h, already comparable to the incredible speed of the lava flow reached in the Kilauea volcano.


La Palma volcanic explosivity index

La Palma volcano has gone from level 2 to level 3 out of a maximum of 8 on the VEI scale, which is the volcanic explosivity index.

This happens because it already exceeds 10 million cubic meters of pyroclasts expelled. This does not mean that activity increases or that the situation is worse, it simply qualifies the volcano according to the expelled material.

Specifically, ten million cubic meters of pyroclastic material have been exceeded, changing the Volcanic Explosivity Index (VEI) from a value of two to a value of three. Three pouring fronts are still active, the one that runs between the pourings has devastated almost 200 meters of land.

The eruption La Palma goes to VEI-3

The eruption passes to VEI-3, as several experts announced days ago. The large quantity of fallen ash clearly indicated the passage to this level, after a reassessment by the PEVOLCA committee. The VEI-3 does not indicate that the rash is getting worse or that its behavior changes.

Eruptions La Palma history

The discharge of lava has always created new lands on La Palma. An interesting graph from the Government shows that individual land increases only on the west side of La Palma.

All the inhabitants in the area will surely know the remote oasis of El Remo, where the road ends. There was an eruption in 1712. On the left an eruption in 1585, today there are banana plantations. Then San Juan 1949 and the La Bombilla peninsula with the lighthouse and the youngest volcano in red.

volcan la palma

Duration of the eruption on La Palma

Throughout history there have been eruptions that have lasted from five days (Siete Fuentes, in Tenerife, 1704), up to 2,055 days in Timanfaya, in Lanzarote. The one in El Hierro lasted from October 10, 2011 to March 5, 2012 (147 days) and that of Teneguía in 1971 (24 days), with twice the magma of the current one.

Currently, it is not possible to predict when, how long, or where an eruption will occur, or how it will develop. However, as we have seen on La Palma, permanent monitoring allows us not only to warn of a possible eruption, but even to determine the movements of the magma under the surface and predict the area where it may occur.

Eruptions on La palma years Spain

The beautiful island (La Palma), is the one with the most historical eruptions registered with eight (in the years 1430/1440, 1585, 1646, 1667, 1712, 1949, 1971 and 2021), ahead of Tenerife with seven (three of them between 1704 and 1705, and another three in 1706, 1798 and 1909).

La Palma volcano earthquakes

In the following article you can see that the mean amplitude of the volcanic tremor remains stable in a medium range of values ​​with respect to the observations measured during this eruption. Last records of intensification pulses in the last 24h with information on the height of the column measured in meters, showing a slight eruption cloud.

The IGN continues to monitor the activity, strengthening the surveillance network, having reinforced its presence on the island, where the CAVE (Center for the Care and Surveillance of Eruption) has been established and works daily to collect samples of volcanic material for in situ and subsequent analysis.

The images presented are the result of a preliminary analysis carried out using IGN data. All the information shown here may be subject to modification.

La Palma volcano lava flow map

This map shows the path that the lava has followed since the eruption last Sunday. Each red dot is a destroyed or damaged building according to the classification of this source.

La Palma volcano measures and aid

To deal with the large material damage, the Government of Spain declared La Palma a disaster area and approved a package of relief measures, among which a budget of 230 million euros stands out.

A satellite captures the eruption of La Palma from the cone of the volcano to the fajana.

Below we show you one of the images of the La Palma volcano taken from a higher altitude and allows you to see its entire route, from the cone to the fajana that is forming in the sea. The SkySat satellite took it from the East on October 4

Infrared satellite image SkySat NIUSDIARIO.ES

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A lot of Tourists arrive at the Tajuya viewpoint in November to see the Cumbre Vieja volcano that continues to expel lava, on the Canary Island of La Palma, Spain.

Everything about the eruption of the volcano covers old, latest news and developments on the pretty island of the Canary Islands.



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