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How to see the volcano La Palma island (CANARY ISLANDS) OF SPAIN

How to see the volcano La Palma island? Since in September we saw the incredible images of the last eruption of the La Palma Volcano (Canary Islands), we have thought that we can help how to see this volcano in Spain. And it is that few things as impressive can be seen on a trip as seeing an erupting volcano up close. And of course, you won’t regret it if you decide to visit it. So for everyone to enjoy this spectacle of nature, we are going to tell you how to see the volcano La Palma island, routes, best places to take photos and many other tips.

How to see the volcano La Palma island
Lava flow La Palma

You can travel to La Palma by plane or visit La Palma volcano from Tenerife by taking the ferry that has a direct journey that lasts approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes.

How to see the volcano La Palma island Spain

The first thing you need is to hire a flight to the Island of La Palma located in the Canary Islands (Spain), since the eruption in Cumbre Vieja is located on the so-called Isla de Bonita which is one of the Canary Islands. La Palma has its own airport, so you should find out if you can have a direct flight from your country of origin or if you must make a stopover in Tenerife which is the reference airport in the Canary Islands and then from Tenerife travel to the island of La Palma .

NOTE: Due to the volcanic ash expelled by the volcano, la palma airport has suffered continuous closures, therefore it is convenient that you visit the airport website La Palma for this information and if you are going to travel from Tenerife to La Palma, the company that operates there is Binter.

Binter la palma

If you are going to stay in Tenerife and you cannot catch a plane to La Palma, the trip from Tenerife to La Palma by ferry is approximately 2h30m.

Rental car on La Palma:

The ideal is to rent a car at the La Palma airport itself, since you have offices of large international companies and also local companies. Rentals in the Canary Islands are very cheap and having a car to get around ça pretty island is going to be essential to visit La Palma.

Where to stay to visit la palma island volcano

Although it is possible to come and go from Tenerife on the same day, and even from Gran Canaria, many visitors decide to stay at least 1 night since there are many interesting things to see on La Palma, although right now the volcano is taking all eyes. We are going to tell you how to plan your trip to La Palma.

Map La Palma (Canary Islands)

We recomend you to go to a tourist office and get a map of the island or download the map of La Palma here to be able to locate yourself and see which roads are closed and what accesses you can take to view La Palma and if you want to get closer to the area of ​​the volcano by road we have marked with an x ​​the road that is cut.

La Palma map

From where you can see the volcano of La Palma

There are two main points to see the volcano safely and without interrupting vehicle traffic.

The first viewpoint to see the La Palma volcano is the parking lot of a furniture company, located at kilometer 24 of the General Padrón Highway (LP-3) (In the direction of El Paso and Los Llanos).

The second and busiest is the Mirador de Tajuya, right next to the Church. It is on the LP-3 highway, between El Paso and Los Llanos de Aridane, a few meters from the roundabout-junction of Tajuya, from where you can see the volcano Cumbre Vieja.

Therefore, the recommendation to stay to visit the La Palma volcano would be near these points.

Requirements to enter la palma spain

In the framework of the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic, every traveler who wishes to enter Spain must take into account that, in addition to complying with the general entry requirements in Spain, exceptional restrictive measures are currently in force of mobility, in order to contain the spread of COVID-19.

For this reason, it is reiterated to all travelers, regardless of the circumstances of their trip, the recommendation to keep informed before their trip about the restrictions adopted by the Ministry of the Interior when crossing borders ( ), as well as the sanitary measures adopted by the Ministry of Health ( ).

Volcanoes in Spain

The Canary Islands have the vast majority of volcanoes approximately 64 , but there are also in Catalonia and Castilla-La Mancha and several volcanic areas in the region of La Garrotxa (Gerona), Cabo de Gata (Almería), Cofrentes (Valencia), the Columbretes Islands (Castellón) and Campos de Calatrava (Ciudad Real) that have approximately 60 volcanoes.

Where is la palma volcano (Spain)

On this map you can see where la palma volcano map (la palma canary islands) is located. You can zoom out to see the real situation of the island with respect to Spain.

When was the last la palma eruption?

The last eruption in La Palma occurred on Sunday, September 19 and is already the longest on the island in 375 years. Throughout history there have been more eruptions on the island of La Palma and, as we already mentioned in this post, this is not it will be the last one for sure.

How long will it be expelling lava?

Is la palma still erupting? yes, geologists do not know for sure how long the La Palma volcano will be expelling lava If they are certain that there is a large magma pocket and that it will probably be active for a long period of time, but without an exact date. Here you can see la palma update.

Is it safe to visit the volcano?

Over time there have been many tragedies caused by volcanic eruptions, but volcanologists say that this time the eruption is much more predictable. The area is limited and the authorities control access so that there is no risk in la palma location.

Here you have a viewer of the current flows on a map of the lava flows la palma volcano map:

How to visit the La Palma volcano (Spain)

The greatest volcanic activity is usually registered from 6:00 p.m., and until 8 or 9 in the morning.

In the areas of Fuencaliente, Villa de Mazo, El Paso and Los Llanos de Aridane it is normal for earthquakes of low and medium magnitude to occur. So far the maximum has been 5.

If you are going to observe the eruption of the volcano, it is recommended wearing an ffp2 mask due to the amount of ash that usually falls in the areas near the volcano and this is the best way to see the La Palma volcano.

Also from the town of Tajuya, you can see the strength and beauty of the erupting volcano of La Palma safely and in the Cumbrecita viewpoint , located in the La Caldera de Taburiente National Park, you can also enjoy spectacular views of the island’s volcanic caldera.

Where is the volcano parking lot

There is no parking for the volcano, you have to look for viewpoints or areas where you can see from afar. A few meters away, the Parroquia La Sagrada Familia has become the tourist epicenter of the La Palma volcano, and the curious look for any corner to leave their rental cars. How to see the volcano La Palma island is complicated if there are crowds, but we show you the best places to visit La Palma volcano.

When to visit the La Palma volcano (Canary Islands)

There are many companies that organize trips and routes to capture the best photos, you can hire the organized trip or if you are going to go on your own here we inform you how to plan your trip to see the La Palma volcano.

  • The excursions to visit the surroundings of Cumbre Vieja are planned in a single day.
  • All the benefits of the initiative will be donated to the victims of La Palma.

How to do La Palma Volcano Routes:

You can hire a Tour La Palma to see the volcano or organize the Cumbre Vieja volcano excursion on your own. In case you want to do the route of the volcanoes La Palma 2021, which is a very famous excursion of La Palma and consists of a route of about 24 kilometers on a path that takes you through the crater of Hoyo Negro, the Martín volcano, the volcano from San Antonio and the Teneguía.

Soon we will have to incorporate the volcano Cumbre Vieja to this route of the volcanoes in La Palma Island.

How to see the volcano La Palma island and what to bring

On La Palma, the climate is very mild and sunny during most of the year, with concentrated rains in autumn and winter. In the interior areas, on the other hand, the climate becomes cooler and more humid as the altitude increases; the almost total absence of plains makes this island more humid and greener than other islands in the Canary archipelago.

Furthermore, due to its position more exposed to oceanic winds associated with disturbances, from November to March the island is more subject to strong winds from the west or southwest than the other islands. How to see the La Palma volcano will be your goal so be informed at all times.

The temperatures on the coast are very mild during most of the year: the maximums range between 21/22 degrees from December to April, and 26/27 degrees from July to October .

5 Basic tips to see the volcano in Spain

  • Look at the weather forecasts and the weather for la palma. How to see the volcano La Palma island, Check the conditions HERE, la palma weather.
  • Calculate the times to climb, taking into account when it gets dark.
  • Take sufficient precautions. Do not get too close to the lava, much less the volcanic cone.
  • Heed the recommendations of the authorities. Although a priori it is a safe excursion, nature is unpredictable and there could be a sudden change in conditions.
  • Don’t take risks. As a consequence of the lava flow, the observation points may vary. Do not risk and always stay in high areas, to avoid being exposed to the lava tongue.

Save on your trip to Spain on how to see the volcano La Palma island

The hotels, especially on weekends, are with the full poster and that there are usually no places left on the flights that land or the ferries that arrive, especially from the Port of Los Cristianos (Tenerife). Plan the trip in advance and anticipation.

Despite its good climate, we recommend suitable clothing and footwear for hiking and mountain excursions:

  • Flashlight , if you go at night.
  • Trekking shoes . They do not have to be high mountain boots, but better comfortable shoes on the rocky path.
  • Camera. You will find the best images ever seen in the volcanic area.
  • Hiking pole (s) . It is not essential but it does help a lot on the ups and downs, in addition to improving stability.
  • Mobile . Although it is a remote area, almost at all times you will have a telephone connection, which will allow you to call in case of emergency. It can also help you locate yourself with the GPS.
  • Water . During the whole way you will not find any place with water.

What to see in La Palma (Canary Islands)

  • Santa Cruz de la Palma
  • Roque de los muchachos
  • Taburiente Beach inside the boiler
  • La cumbrecita
  • Cascade of Colors
  • Nogales Beach
  • Canarian architecture in San Andrés
  • Linden forest
  • Los cancajos beach
  • San Antonio Volcano
  • Cumbre Vieja Volcano
  • Teneguía volcanoes
  • Salinas de fuencaliente
  • Echentive puddles beach
  • Volcanic cave of the pigeons
  • Tazacorte Beach
  • Los llanos de Aridane
  • Los dragos viewpoint

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